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From innovative works for the concert hall to background production music heard on television and radio around the world to the creation of experimental video pieces with electronic music, Steve's talent and diversity extends to many aspects of the musical and audio-visual worlds.

He draws his inspiration from conceptual music theory and the natural sciences while preserving an intellectual, compelling and simultaneously evocative and emotional impact with his music. Learn more: New Music USA Bio.


Kornicki’s ability to integrate diverse musical elements into his own unique and personal vision has led him to his current practice of composing accessible music based on numerical processes.  His concert music since 2005 has been based exclusively on these processes consisting of contrapuntal textures of non-melodic lines and structures built from sustained tones and repeated single note patterns with an underlying tonal or modal harmonic foundation. The resulting music, no matter how conceptual or process oriented, always maintains a continuous sense of drama.

Steve Kornicki's philosophy is to dissolve borders between politically defined genres of music and embrace all forms as equally relevant to the modern composer.

From 2000-2003, he lived and worked in Los Angeles, composing for media corporations and working closely with musicians at California State University Long Beach. He has written concert music for orchestra and chamber ensembles, music for electronic media and pieces for music libraries, video, film, dance and theater productions. He studied composition & music theory with Jeffrey Mumford (himself a student of Elliott Carter) and guitar performance with William Peters at the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, PA. Read more . . .


Steve's film, television and radio production music credits include:

**CSI Miami (2010)
Michael F. Sears film, A Warrior's Heart (2011)
  starring Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene
**Barry Levinson film "What Just Happened"
**"HowStuffWorks" (Discovery Channel)
**CBS Sunday Morning News
**Jersey Shore
**Olympic Trials 2008 (MSNBC)
**Modern Marvels (History Channel)
**Scott Hamilton: Return to the Ice (Bio)
**PGA Golf 2010 - Global Golf Adventure Maui
**Major League Baseball
**Guiness Book of World Records: Live Top 100
**"The Simple Life" (FOX & E! Entertainment)
**Major League Baseball
Full credit list >


The Brevard Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Christopher Confessore premiered "Fanfare in a Continuum of Gradual Momentum" in 2015.

Thad Anderson performed "Tempo Distortion #4" in 2014 at Colorado State University and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Historic concert event marathon: French pianist Nicolas Horvath playing the complete piano music of Philip Glass along with 90 tribute pieces to the minimalist master, Paris @ Palis de Tokyo. Humbled and honored that Tempo Distortion #5 for piano and digitally processed piano sounds will be included. Download concert poster (PDF).

Harmonic Canon Streams performed by Dave Gerhart and Steve Kornicki available on iTunes. Listen on Soundcloud.

Tempo Distortion 4 performed by Thad Anderson at UCF, February 2014

Tempo Distortion #4 performed by Dave Gerhart available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Harmonic Points Converging in Loops of Self Similarity, exploration of fractals, self similarity and music for six guitars available on iTunes and CDBaby.

"Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self Similarity" included in the I Care If You Listen Winter 2013 mixtape.

"Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self Similarity" version for 11 percussionists performed by the University of Central Florida percussion ensemble under the direction of Thad Anderson and conducted by Nick Stange, October 2013.

"Fanfare in a Continuum of Gradual Momentum," a five-minute piece for symphony orchestra composed using processes based upon the concepts of fractals and self similarity, was awarded a "Citation of Excellence" by the 2013 International Composition Contest of the College Orchestra Directors Association (CODA). Listen to a MIDI demonstration and read program notes.

"Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self-similarity" version for 11 percussionists premiered by the Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Gordon Stout, February 23, 2013.

Cycles of Fifths in Lines of Self-Similarity (Horizontal Color Forms #9)" for five guitars and tape now available for download from
CDBaby, amazon, iTunes and Steve Kornicki's original video art with this music on Vimeo and YouTube.

World premiere of "Vertical Color Forms #1 (Cosmic Vistas)" along with "Morning Star Rising" performed by the Rhodes College Orchestra conducted by Joseph Montelione at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, October 2009.

Tempo Distortion 4 (for marimba and processed marimba samples) performed by:

  • Evan Chapman on YouTube (2012)
  • David Gerhart, California State Univeristy Long Beach, Spring 2011
  • Scotty Horey at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, February 20, 2009, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • (Premier) David Gerhart at California State Univeristy Long Beach, March 2007 (on YouTube)



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