Video Art by Steve and Melissa Kornicki

Highway Night
Highway Night (Cycles of Fifths
in Lines of Self-Similarity)
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Transfigurations No. 3
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Mixed Signals
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Transfigurations No. 2
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10' 30" in E Minor
10' 30" in E Minor

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Art and life duo Steve Kornicki (video artist, composer) and Melissa Kornicki (graphic designer, photographer) create audio-visual explorations leading audiences on journeys of creativity, cognition and contemplation through the synchronous and interlocking use of music and video. Read Steve's video art essay on

"Your work ["Video Triptych" DVD] transported me to the world of fractals (which have been always part of my own work). Each video is mesmerizing!" - Nohra Corredor, Artist

Video Exhibition, Installation, Gallery Credits (scroll down for details and excerpts of individual pieces)
CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY FULLERTON 2011 NEW MUSIC FESTIVAL – Altered Orchestra (liquid video) by Steve and Melissa Kornicki – March 2011
NEW AMERICAN ART UNION ( Portland , OR ) – Mixed Signals (Video Symphony) - BYOTV exhibition (presented by the Video Gentlemen) – Spring 2008
WEST VALLEY ART MUSEUM (Surprise, AZ) – Transfigurations #3 – An Affair with the Arts – March 2008
KELLY STRAYHORN THEATER ( Pittsburgh , PA ) – Video Distortion #1, Transfigurations #2 & Altered Orchestra (liquid video) - presented as part of Life in Balance multi-media performance – August 2007
MUSEUM FOR POLYDIMENSIONAL RESEARCH ( Tucson , AZ ) – Altered Orchestra (liquid video) - presented as part of the Flash Flood International Video Art Festival – August 2007
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH OF NEW YORK ( Manhattan , NYC) – Altered Orchestra (liquid video) - TRANSreveLATION, an audio visual concert that explored form and structure – April 2007
SWEETWATER CENTER FOR THE ARTS ( Pittsburgh , PA ) – Transfigurations #1 - month-long “New Space” exhibition – January 2006
ART SPACE 303 ( Pittsburgh , PA ) - Transfigurations #1 - month-long “Collective Dreaming” exhibition – February 2006
DOWES ON 9TH STREET (Pittsburgh, PA) - Transfigurations #1 - art exhibition – March 2006

Transfigurations (2005)
digitally manipulated photographs of landscapes and natural phenomena presented as multi-layered video

Music: 61 X 5, for processed instrument samples (Steve Kornicki)

A flowing, 50-minute exploration in slow-motion video and the first in a series concerned with the transformation of still-life, natural objects. In the first half of the piece, black and white photographs transition to digitally transformed and manipulations versions of the photos. The video's second half consists of the same process with color photos. Gradually, the photos become completely obscured, and the piece concludes with transfigured images of the original photos from the previous sections.

- Soundtrack for Transfigurations was included in the "most significant releases of 2006" list by WXPN-FM's ambient music radio program, Star's End.

- "New Space" - Sweetwater Center for the Arts - 2006 - installation/exhibition (Sewickley, PA)

- "Collective Dreaming" - ArtSpace 303 - 2006 - installation/exhibition (Homestead, PA)

- Dowe's on 9th Street (jazz club) - 2006 - exhibition (Pittsburgh, PA)

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