All scores listed below are available from Steve’s publishing company, Fragmented View Music, unless otherwise noted (those preceded by an asterisk (*) are available from Media Press).

TEMPO DISTORTION (2006-2007) for various orchestral, chamber and electronic combinations - a series of pieces dealing with individual instrumental parts occuring in different tempi simultaneously

HORIZONTAL COLOR FORMS (2004-2007) for various orchestral, chamber and choral combinations – a series of pieces dealing with new forms of compositional structure involving numerical processes and the combination of compositional practices (such as the 12-tone method, minimalism, and improvisation)

TRIO (2003) for flute, cello and piano – tonal, post-minimalist chamber music in 3 movements (listen to MP3)

STRING MOTION (2003), for string quartet (or electric string quartet) and electronic sounds – an arrangement for strings of XYLO MOTION (see below)

*XYLO MOTION (2002-03), for xylophone and electronic sounds (commissioned by David Gerhart) - a rhythmic, virtuoso piece consisting of a xylophone solo with precisely synchronized electronics. Premiered By David Gerhart at University of Southern California 2004 & published by Media Press

MORNING STAR RISING (2002), for orchestra - a narrative piece based on Mayan history in 6 sections with a distinct harmonic language and gradually evolving melodic structures. Recorded by the Kiev Philharmonic conducted by Robert Ian Winstin for the ERM Media CD label (2005 release). Please visit click here for more information.

*SYNCHRONOUS MOMENTUM FOR DAVID GERHART (2002), for vibraphone and electronic sounds - another rhythmic percussion solo with synchronized electronics. A fusion of contemporary classical and "pop music" elements. Premiered by Dave Gerhart at California State University Long Beach 2002 & published by Media Press - (listen to MP3)

ECHOES OF EMERGENCE (2001-03), arrangement for orchestra - symphonic adaptation of below piece at slower tempos.

ECHOES OF EMERGENCE (2001), for percussion ensemble - 3 movement suite for 13 percussionists and piano. A dynamic composition with contrasting sections, tempo = medium/slow/fast. Performed and premiered by the California State University Long Beach Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Dave Gerhart, 2001. (listen to MP3)

PARALLEL MUSIC (2001), for vibraphone, marimba and electronic sounds - percussion duo with synchronized electronics. The electronic part consists of synthesized mallet/percussion sounds and is a rhythmic counterpoint to the live players. Premiered by Dave Gerhart and Angela Tabor at California State University Long Beach 2001 (listen to MP3)

VARIATIONS AND DANCES (2000), for instrumental ensemble - a rhythmic, tonal piece based on unfolding melodic structures. 3 movements

POLY MUSIC (2000), for instrumental ensemble and electronic sounds - utilizes improvisation, aleatoric techniques and polyrhythmic electronics. Instrumentation is variable and is accompanied by verbal and notated parts. (listen to MP3)

PASSAGES THROUGH HARMONIC REALMS (1992), for trumpet and electronic sounds - the solo consists of irregular and textural structures contrasted by a dense and sustained electronic chord-cluster backdrop.

MUSIC FOR SOLO GUITAR (1990-91) written for my teacher, William Peters, who also recorded the piece for the Fragments of Illumination CD - meditative piece inspired by Satie and Cage. (listen to MP3)

TONAL CORRELATIONS (1990-91), for instruments and electronic sounds - various pieces exploring the textural properties of diatonic modes combining instruments and electronics. Premiered at Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA 1990 and Fragments of Illumination CD. (listen to MP3)

AND SHE SPOKE OF ANOTHER TIME (1988-90), for 4 violins - reflective, sustained piece with dense, clustered tonalities (listen to MP3)

CHAMBER MUSIC FOR FLUTE AND CELLO (1986-87) - composed under the guidance of Jeffrey Mumford. A melodic flute solo accompanied by sustained string harmonies. Premiered by students at Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA 1987

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